We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as “Nextech Grain Processing & Engineering Solutions PVT LTD”.

Nextech Grain Processing & Engineering Solutions PVT LTD is a fairly young company – only eight years old, being promoted by two professionals from

the Indian Basmati Rice Industry. The Promoters being industry veterans possess extensive experience from

the Grain & Seed Industry.

Main Services

Paddy Milling Plants- Nextech provides wholesome services for the installation of paddy / rice milling plants. Our services range from concept till commissioning i.e from designing the basic project layout to the final set up of the paddy milling plants. Our equipment manufacturing enterprise manufactures, exports and supplies paddy milling plant that are customized specifically as per our clients’ demands. Nextech’s paddy/rice milling plants and machineries are reliable, high-quality and affordable. Read More

Rice- Re processing, Rice Blending and Repacking Solutions: We provide solutions for processing of rice from the raw material, i.e. paddy. The solutions further enable blending of the rice of different fractions in such a way that similar rice is packed during the process of repacking. As proficient Rice Mill Engineers, Designers and Consultants, Nextech makes for the ideal partner of choice when it comes to rice processing with state-of-the-art rice processing solutions. Nextech’s extensive range of rice processing services makes them the leaders in rice milling and processing. Read More

Paddy Drying Solutions: Paddy which is the raw material for any rice milling plants needs to be dried before it can be thrashed in the mill to obtain consumable rice. Nextech provides solutions to dry the paddy obtained from the fields and make it suitable for further processing. Nextech’s extensive range of paddy drying solutions includes heated air drying using batch dryer and continuous flow drier, low-temperature/in-store drying and grain cooling. As Rice Milling Consultants in India, Nextech offers comprehensive paddy milling and drying solutions to the world. Read More

Bulk Storage (Silos): Each and every food grain needs to be stored post processing in the mill. Nextech lays a helping hand by providing silos which are bulk storage systems for various types of food grains. As storage silo project consultant, Nextech seeks to provide complete and effective rice storage solutions that are customizable and catering to different requirements. The leading rice mill consultant in India, Nextech provides up-to-date rice milling plant machinery and rice storage silos. Read More

Flour Milling: Flour is the powdered form of grains and is the main ingredient of breads. We at nextech provide flour milling solutions to facilitate grinding of the food grains and obtain the very best flour. Based in Delhi, India, we are modern flour mill consultants and our flour milling services ensure that you get the very best yield in opulent quantity, while maintaining a certain, desired quality. In a bid to do so, we invest highly in our research and development, and always try and come with cutting-edge technologies, providing nothing but the best to our customers. Read More

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